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Zagreb is a densely populated city set on the shore of the Sava River. From the north side, it is surrounded by the Medvednica Mountain. Travelers get to see wide choice of museums and art galleries that showcase years old historical and artistic heritage of the city. This city possesses an appealing old part with outstanding architecture and charming cobblestone streets. The city is divided into the Upper (Gornji grad) and Lower (Donji grad) Towns which are the main focal areas of the city featuring numerous restaurants, hotels, shopping sites and historical sights. There are many parks in the city to spend leisure time such as Maksimir Park & Zagreb Zoo and Zrinjevac Park. It is recommended to book car rental at Zagreb to best utilize your travel time in the city.

The city has two main lakes named Jarun and Bundek where many events and fests are organized. These lakes offer a huge array of recreational activities to enjoy. The city has abundance of remarkable museums where the historical treasures of the city are kept. The list of museums includes Mimara Museum; Archaeological Museum known worldwide for Egyptian collection and the Zagreb mummy; Museum of Broken Relationships that get the award of most innovative museum in Europe; and the People and Art House.

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